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Bisnow: London's Big Office Bash


PTS Consulting will be exhibiting at Bisnow's Big Office Bash in London on the 27th September 2017. The event brings together industry leaders who are finding new and innovative ways to redefine the office landscape.

Senior Strategy & Visioning Consultant Patrick Stewart-Blacker will be moderating a discussion on Work Life Blur: Workplace Strategy and Transformation. Join him, and other key industry peers at 9.50 am to discuss how office design can revitalize staff and improve wellness.  

Contact PTS for 20% off your ticket and set up a meeting with our experts to discuss your unique workplace technology requirements.

Date: Wednesday 27th September 2017

Venue: The Royal Institution of Great Britain

PTS Speaking Slot: 9.50am - Work Life Blur: Workplace Strategy & Transformation

PTS Event Focus: Workplace of the Future, Our Agile Approach, Future Workplaces Built around People, Redefining Smart Buildings


Optimising the user-experience in the workplace

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Our Focus

With more focus on staff-wellbeing, organisations are turning to agile office designs that cater for different work styles and provide an optimised working experience.

Technology plays a significant role in enabling organisations to create inspiring, collaborative environments. However, making sense of the multitude of solutions available and ensuring that they fully reflect the end-user needs and can help the business meet objectives can be challenging. PTS helps organisations make sense of the options available and adopts a practical approach to ensure those solutions that reflect the requirements of the people, business, and environment deliver the expected benefits.


An Agile Approach for an Optimised Environment

No project is ever the same, and as complicated endeavours, the requirements and plans throughout workplace technology programmes often change. PTS' agile approach is geared to move with projects and rapidly adapt to ensure that the right measures are taken and that every design solution and space is fit for purpose.

PTS' tailored approach leverages our extensive consulting experience to consider the specific requirements of the people and spaces (and any other unique requirements) needed to drive business benefits. We empower our consultants to think laterally to provide project management and IT solutions born of the intricacies and technical nature of your requirements, using a reverse engineered, vendor neutral approach, not 'off-the-shelf', 'one-size-fits-all' solutions.


Future workspaces built around people

As technologists, our role is to simplify complexity. PTS focuses on the end-user and strives to remove any unnecessary complication users may face, providing a simpler, more considered experience. Working closely with the client and their staff, we identify workflows and examine patterns of behaviour before designing solutions that create an optimised experience.


Redefining smart buildings

For PTS, a smart building goes beyond an automated, interconnected environment.  Understanding the challenge as a whole, we define smart buildings as 'Optimised environments which provide an improved daily working experience for staff, while providing tangible benefits to the business.'

We take a holistic view of the business and end-user requirements to develop innovative solutions that deliver the expected results. Our consultants are empowered to challenge any preconceptions on every project to achieve true building intelligence for our clients.


Our Workplace Technology Experts

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Meet the PTS Team



Steve Kidd



Jane Moore

Account Director

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Patrick Stewart-Blacker

Principal Consultant

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Michael Robertson

Relationship Manager


Gareth Johns

Group CTO


Our experts will be on hand to talk through any of your Workplace Technology requirements. We look forward to hearing from you to set up a meeting or seeing you on Wednesday 27th September at the event.