Nord LB

PTS Consulting Assists a Global German Bank to relocate its Asia-Pacific headquarters to a new modern office space, assisting with the IT infrastructure, physical security and AV designs.


A forthcoming lease expiry prompted the Client, a leading global bank with headquarters in North Germany to relocate to the newly built Capita Green Tower. The relocation was an opportunity for the Client to refresh its ageing infrastructure.  PTS provided solid IT structured cabling, AV and Physical Security Designs and managed the implementation, as well as the migration of existing IT equipment to the new location within a tight, 3-month time-frame. 

Working alongside the Client’s team of consultants, PTS initiated and mobilised the professional team to complete the design and fit out the new 12,600 square foot site. The solution was built to achieve a day one headcount of 70 with a day two base infrastructure up to 100.

The Open Office & Meeting Rooms

The Client now benefits from an open office design, which was a significant departure from the highly departmentalised layout of the previous location. The new office space will help improve collaboration and transparency. Meeting rooms provide space for private meetings and are complete with IT and AV facilities to enhance communication. Cable management was coordinated with both the Interior Designer and furniture supplier to ensure a clean, lean setup. 

Access Control

Access control in the new office was implemented using a combination of biometric technology and a card system that is fully compatible with the landlord’s system, allowing for a single card to be used to enter both the building and the office space.


PTS worked alongside the Client’s network service provider and a consultant based in Germany to coordinate the implementation of a new network topology designed for the new office. PTS also coordinated the implementation of the new IP Telephony system, as well as the migration of existing IT equipment over a single weekend. Both the Client and various data service providers managed the migration of the telecom circuits. 


PTS’s complete end-to-end capability ensured that costs were tightly managed against benchmark data for the fit-out. PTS’s relationships with local vendors and suppliers allowed for a cost-effective implementation, despite some of the IT infrastructure design being carried out by the Client’s service provider and consultant based overseas. PTS’s continuous effort to engage the Client made for a successful relocation project.