Rio Tinto

PTS Consulting Assists a leading Global Mining Corporation to Relocate to its newly, refurbished, prestigious Headquarters, acting as a trusted advisor to the Client. 


The Client, a global mining corporation, was in the process of relocating back to its former headquarters, located in a prestigious central London location.  As the Client initially planned to lease out its former headquarters, work had been underway to refurbish the building to Category A standards.  But as the Client sought to relocate back to the property, the office space needed to fit out to meet the Client’s requirements. 

Converged Technology Solutions

Engaged by the corporation’s Head of Properties, PTS was initially set to provide IT, Physical Infrastructure and AV consultancy services with Technical Project Management. However, as the project progressed, the Client recognised PTS’s expertise in Converged Technology solutions added additional packages to the project. PTS assisted with the strategy, design, procurement, project management and quality assurance to ensure a future-proof IT Infrastructure. 

Meeting Rooms & Audiovisual Solutions

The new office space was fitted out to a very high standard to complement the prestigious location of the Client’s headquarters. PTS worked alongside the architect to ensure the technology solutions could integrate with the overall design. As well as fitting out standard meeting rooms from an AV perspective, PTS also assisted with the installation of two specifically designed Telepresence rooms to meet global standards. The Client had several Telepresence rooms across the globe. Each room had the same design to give the illusion that each conference participant was in the same room.  


Trusted Advisor

Frequent changes to the design brief presented a challenge for PTS who needed to liaise with the Professional team, IT team and stakeholders such as the CTO and Head of IT based in Australia and Salt Lake City. With an honest and open approach to the project, PTS became a trusted advisor to the CTO. Extensive local knowledge and experience on relocation projects enabled the PTS team to foresee any potential risks to the project and quickly provide solutions to ensure the project could be kept to time and budget. Risks were flagged up in weekly progress reports that were circulated globally to relevant stakeholders.


PTS’ technical expertise and experience enabled the Client to meet its objective of creating a prestigious workplace with an IT infrastructure that allowed for the agile ways of working the Client was used to. The AV facilities throughout the new office space facilitated global communication at any time of the day.