Singapore Sports Hub

With the assistance of PTS Consulting, a New Singapore Sports Hub Successfully Selects a partner to outsource its ICT services

The Singapore Sports Hub campus is the world's largest PPP initiative in the sporting arena. It comprises of a state of the art sporting facility designed to take Singapore's sporting ambitions to the next level.

The Client wanted to identify ICT outsource partners that met the requirements jointly defined by the Singapore Sports Hub, the Singapore Sports Council, Singapore Government and the Bankers who funded this project under a PPP initiative. It was important that liability and other PPP specific requirements were included in the ICT Outsource RFP and resulting ICT Outsource Contract. A number of definitions and requirements specific to PPP would also need to be clarified during the RFP process and contract negotiations to ICT Outsource migration. 

Based on the interface between the various ICT Assets and ICT Services that would be part of the ICT Outsource Contact, PTS Consulting Group (PTS) was employed to help define the Client's ICT Requirements and manage the competitive go to market process to select the most suitable partner for the Client's needs. 

After a period of discovery, PTS prepared the ICT Outsource tender documents and a draft ICT Outsource Contract. PTS worked closely with the Client and its partners to invite potential ICT Outsource candidates to bid for the ICT Outsource Tender. PTS then evaluated the returned tenders and the capabilities of the respondents along with their technical proposals and made recommendations to the Client. PTS also led the contract negotiations and framework for the contract award. 

PTS has specialist knowledge of PPP projects and the special requirements of all parties in such a relationship. This has enabled PTS to translate the Client's objectives into an ICT outsource contract and select an ICT outsource partner best-suited to the Client's needs. The Client can be confident that the new partner selected is pre-qualified and is fully aligned with the Client's requirements to provide the defined ICT service and ICT support, meeting the required Service Level Agreement. 

The Singapore Sports Hub consisted of the following facilities across the campus: 

  • 55,000 - capacity, 7-storey National Stadium with a retractable roof
  • 3,000 capacity 3-storey indoor Aquatic Centre
  • Multi-purpose indoor Arena (MPIA)
  • 2-Storey Water Sports Centre
  • Sports Information & Resource Centre (SRIC)
  • Sports Promenade and Community Facilities
  • 41,000 square metres of Commercial Space with Retail Mall
  • 12,000 capacity Singapore Indoor Stadium