PTS Consulting's ISE Highlights

Earlier this year, the PTS Consulting AV team attended ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) in full force. We wanted to share with you a retrospective look at some of the highlights from the four days of conferences, keynote speeches, networking reception, education and training programmes. 

We hope that this might inspire you and act as food-for-thought to the upcoming trends and near endless possibilites of technology in the workplace. 



Bezel Free Video Wall

"This year in Amsterdam, the Barco-UniSee LCD video wall was a particular highlight for me. Unlike traditional video walls, the Barco UniSee wall is virtually bezel free, allowing a more seamless image" 

- Pedro Abejijon, Senior Consultant 

AV & Data Analytics

"The adoption of JSON API's for next generation AV hardware can help businesses turn their hardware into intelligent sensors. This allows the mining of Data (video conferencing, room usage, the number of participants) for analysis, allowing businesses to identify trends and work more efficiently." 

- Dan Watson, Senior Consultant 

Data Analytics.jpg

Christie's Mystique & Guardian

"Christie's Mystique & Guardian is a full suite of software, hardware and services which aimes to remove the technological constrainsts of fulfillinf complex multi-projector blended systems." 

- Brian Edwards, Senior Consultan

Transparent Colour LED Film

"LG's Transparent Colour LED film alls for any businesses to turn a glass space into a full-colour, digital signage display. There are a number of applications where this could be useful, such as lobblies, room naming, interactive glass lifts and much more" 

- Paul Rushbrooke, Senior Consultant

Kino-mo Hypervsn

"The Kino-mo Hypervsn provides a visual solution for displaying unique 3D content with a holographic effect. The device generates hi-resolution holograms that are percieved to float in mid-air. I think this will be great for companies that are looking for a show-piece in foyers, and could be used to supplement digital signage. The units  can be set out in a matrix grid, allowin for scalability." 

- Andrew McGill,  AV Consultant


Plantronics Habitat

"My highlight was the Plantronics Habitat, which users natural sounds e.g. running water as opposed to white noise to cancel out ambient sounds and increase office productivity. It can also be accompanies by display screens to make the sounds seem more natural " 

- Andrew McGill,  AV Consultant