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Data Centre Services

Optimising the Engine Room of the Global Economy

Technological developments, such as cloud services, have radically changed the way that organisations can procure and deliver technology services. The need, however, for physical locations to manage the proliferation of data that we consume globally and on an extraordinary scale remains. Data Centres still perform an indispensable role within the fabric of the global economy.

The increasing reliance on the world's global Data Centre portfolio across all industries, created in part by the increase in data storage and automated transactions, poses significant challenges to owners, operators, tenants and investors alike:

  • Adopting the right Data Centre strategy based on an informed understanding of the options available
  • Enhancing the infrastructure, processes and operations within the Data Centre to optimise costs and manage risks
  • Being able to enable large-scale transformations and migrations where failure means catastrophe
  • Continuing to deliver an optimal, undisrupted service back to the business


Award-Winning IT transformation programme delivers state of the art Data Centre Environment 7 Reasons Why You Need a Data Centre Strategy. Consultant Stephen Bowes-Phipps offers his views on why a Data Centre Strategy is crucial for any business.

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These are all necessary but extremely complex undertakings which carry massive risks if not executed perfectly.

With over 30 years of experience and a global footprint, PTS is able to offer holistic solutions to Data Centre owners, operators, tenants and investors. Ability to consult across the key Data Centre disciplines of IT Critical Systems Engineering (CSE), Physical Security and Facilities Management (FM), whilst bringing a deep understanding of overarching business strategy, means that we offer a one-stop service covering all elements of a Data Centre project's life-cycle from strategy, through to due diligence, design, procurement, migration planning, execution and on-going support, such as health checks and vendor audits.

Integral to this service offering is unparalleled market intelligence, including extensive data on thousands of Data Centres around the world. This helps us tailor innovative solutions for our clients, especially during the strategy and planning phase where it is vital to make the correct decisions.

The PTS Approach

  • Data Centre Market Options Analysis
  • Business-Aligned Strategy
  • Design
  • Migration & Project Management
  • Project-to-Business Transition
  • Continual Operational Optimisation & Managed Services

Our Expertise

  • IT Service Management
  • Applications & Workplace Technologies



Data Centre providers, investors, tenants and owners worldwide all share a common interest; reassurance that their Data Centre infrastructure and services can deliver the target levels of availability and resilience. STARS, developed by PTS Consulting, is one of the leading global tools to address this need.

The STARS system is an in-depth assessment tool for any operating Data Centre facility, regardless of age. Assessing the operational management, mechanical and electrical systems and the physical IT infrastructure characteristics of the facility, STARS yields an independent, objective, repeatable and globally applicable rating. A STARS accreditation brings peace of mind to Data Centre owners, providers, tenants and investors alike.

STARS is designed to offer greater granularity than other rating systems. This attention to detail gives owners and the wider market greater understanding of the facility.


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