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The IT landscape is one of constant change, development and disruption through continuous innovation. For organisations this presents great opportunities, but also threats and challenges.

IT departments across all industries are under pressure to simultaneously satisfy user demand - offering a consistently high quality user experience anytime, anywhere on any device - and use technology to optimise costs and deliver efficiencies back to the business. The outcome is often that organisations are unable to understand all of the options available to them to develop an informed strategy, or take on the transformation necessary to change whilst operating in a BAU state.


  PTS assists Financial Times with the Successful development of its new Radio Station Michael Green considers the opportunities in Higher Education offered by the latest Wi-Fi Standards

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PTS Consulting helps its clients to deal with these challenges. We are the only IT Consultancy that can offer truly comprehensive solutions based on expertise across all elements of business technology infrastructure, including IT, Audio Visual and Physical Security. We articulate the requirements of our clients and form comprehensive technology roadmaps that meet those requirements and exceed expectations.

PTS is vendor independent to ensure that any solution or technology that we recommend is always the most suitable for our client's needs. We offer holistic strategy with pragmatic solutions, and have over 30 years' experience in delivering large scale transformation projects and programmes to ensure that our clients fully realise the benefits that technology can offer.

Our Expertise

  • Mobility, Unified Communications and Networks
  • IT Infrastructure
  • IT Security
  • Workplace Innovation & The User Experience
  • Intelligent Buildings

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