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It is both a reality and a huge challenge that students are demanding considerably more from their education institutions with regards to technology. Pervasive Wi-Fi, state of the art Audio Visual technology, and the ability to simultaneously support a plethora of personal technology devices are no longer differentiators; they are requirements.

Meeting or exceeding the expectations of the students whilst remaining efficient and cost-effective requires considerable thought from the top down with regards to how a University delivers its services.

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PTS helps Universities to paint a vision which can meet these challenges head on, and demonstrate how to transform that vision into reality. WIth over 30 years' experience working with over 110 universities in the UK alone, we can ensure that you are well equipped to deliver real value to both your students and your institution.
PTS’s Consulting services are not exclusive to Higher Education institutions. Partnership Education, a subsidiary of the PTS Consulting group has been providing market leading consultancy, strategic planning, project management and recruitment services, helping those across the education sector achieve excellence through IT.

Partnership Education

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Partnership Education has now delivered over 100 new schools projects and a wide range of international education implementation strategies for transforming education delivery to achieve excellence.

Our Consultants are professionals from all areas of education, including Professors, members of awarding and accrediting bodies, Past President of the NAHT, LA Head of Service, School Leaders, VPs, Specialist Teachers, Faith Leaders and Teachers, HR and School Business Management. Together they have worked on all of the major school improvement initiatives of the past decade, in particular the National and Regional Challenges and the Academy and Free Schools Programme. They have an outstanding track record of raising standards at both school and departmental level. Projects include The JCB Academy, Bolton Wanderers Free School, Brighton Bilingual Free School, Lincoln UTC, West Midlands Construction UTC and The Acorn Alternative Provision.
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Cardiff University
City of Westminster College
Durham University
German School Tokyo
King's College London
Leicester College
Manchester Metropolitan University
Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies
Queen's University Belfast
Royal College of Music
The Hereford Academy
University of Cambridge
University of Greenwich
University of Liverpool
University of London
University of Oxford
University of Reading
University of Sussex
University of Westminster