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The Hospitality sector is currently dealing with two key challenges - how to expand into emerging and developing cities and metropolises, and how to instil brand loyalty in established markets by radically improving the user experience of its guests. 

Thanks to technological developments in mobility, Wi-Fi, building intelligence and immersive technologies, patrons expect hotels and conferences to offer better services and experiences than what they have at work and home. Streamlined booking processes, zero waiting times, immediate and high-speed internet access, seamless connectivity between mobile devices and hotel appliances and guaranteed security are all very reasonable demands.
The technology that underpins this must be increasingly considered at the highest levels of a hotel's strategy. For those building a new hotel, this means involving technology at the earliest stages of the project in conjunction with the architectural design and construction. 
Organisations in this sector often struggle to translate vision into practice. For those breaking new ground in China, where urbanisation on a massive scale is creating a surge in demand for hotels catering to business professionals across the country, there is the additional challenge of identifying a partner that can combine expertise and experience in managing technology-enabled hotel projects with an understanding of the local marketplace.
PTS Consulting helps clients in the hospitality sector to understand how technology can deliver a better experience for its customers. Our technology innovation expertise - from Unified Communications, Audio Visual & Multimedia to IoT, Intelligent Buildings and Physical Security - combined with our 30 years' global experience in managing relocation programmes, helps us to deliver world class solutions to hotels and venues anywhere in the world.

Our Hospitality Clients:

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