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The Insurance Industry is in a state of transition both from a business and a technology perspective. Digital business practices - real time data provision, business intelligence, cloud sourcing, the Internet of Things - all offer huge opportunity for insurance firms to radically change the way they operate, approach their pricing model and engage with a customer base that is increasingly more exacting. 

Organisations are hampered in their efforts to transform in a number of areas. Chronic underinvestment in IT means that Infrastructure is far from capable of delivering the promises above. Legacy systems and processes, such as policy administration, are creating more friction with customers, brokers, agents and back-office functions. Lastly, widespread caution with cloud outsourcing and its benefits, borne out of concerns around security and data integrity, are preventing many firms from realising the significant cost and agility benefits.
In order to exploit the many opportunities to deliver value back to the business, Insurance firms need to articulate a clear business technology strategy and have confidence that their vision will be realised despite the high-risk nature of change.
PTS specialises offering strategic guidance to Insurance clients looking to align their technology with their business goals. We leverage our 30 years' experience in managing complex transformation programmes to create the roadmap for change, mitigate risks and realise the objectives set out by the business.
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Our Insurance Clients:

Allied World Assurance Company
American International Group
AXA Real Estate Investment
Hartford Life Insurance K.K
ING Life Insurance Company
Jardine Lloyd Thompson
Legal & General
Lockton Insurance Group
Markel International
Swiss Re