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Digital Transformation

Optimising IT to thrive in the Digital World

The identity of IT is evolving thanks to many developments in technology, consumer behaviour and best practice that fall under the banner of Digital Business:

  • The birth of the Internet of Things (IoT) expanding the technology landscape
  • An increasing desire for an uncompromised technology experience for staff and customers 'anytime, anywhere'
  • Cloud adoption encouraging businesses to outsource previously untouchable technology and infrastructure
  • Computing everywhere and big data analytics allowing organisations to make better informed business decisions
  • Consumerisation of technology and cloud increasing the autonomy over IT spend of other organisational teams
  • Shortening technology lifecycles placing pressure on IT to be more agile and innovative
  • The proliferation of data and connected devices increasing the threat of cyber attacks

PTS helps IT to satisfy new internal and external customer expectations whilst maintaining a focus on security, BAU and managing risk. We ensure that organisations can overcome the challenges to their IT Function, such as:

  • Bi-Modal IT - an IT function that is both innovative, agile and responsive, and secure, risk-aware and reliable.
  • Shadow IT - building the right relationships with the rest of the business when IT is beginning to be peripheral to IT purchasing decisions
  • The Customer Journey Imperative - changing the philosophy of IT so that it sees everything not as technology, but as a customer journey enhanced by technology
  • Management of Change - ensuring that both the business and staff are bought into the idea of change and thrive in the new environment


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Our Digital Transformation Solutions

  • Digital Strategy Creation
  • Digital Business Case Modelling
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Bi-Modal IT Service Management
  • Governance Risk & Compliance
  • Resourcing & Upskilling


  • Digital Workplace Consulting
  • Cloud, Outsourcing & Hosting Services
  • Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Solutions
  • Cyber Security Consulting
  • Data Centre Lifecycle Services
  • Enterprise Social Business

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