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Achieving a strategy vision necessitates organisational change. Whether at the level of the IT system, IT service or whole organisation, change is executed and benefits are realised through Projects and Programmes. Often, this change, and the business benefits it seeks to deliver, are not realised for a number of reasons:

  • Operational complexity represents an obstacle
  • Decision-making is not objective-based
  • Resources are focused on Business as Usual or lack the requisite skillsets
  • Consistency across global projects is difficult to achieve
  • There is a lack of understanding on best practice
  • Speed of change puts strain on long-term planning                                                                                                    

PTS has delivered Enterprise Programme and Project Management Services in complex business environments across the world for over 30 years. We help clients to execute change by offering a number of high-value solutions based on a core of shared practice.

  • Technical Project Management - The vehicle by which change is accelerated output by output
  • Project Management Office - The transient management vehicle to govern multi-method, multi-project environments with the greatest efficiency
  • Programme Management - The delivery of business outcomes
  • Programme Assurance - The reshaping of the project or programme environment to restore confidence in client capability

We combine technical expertise across both the Built Environment and the Data Centre environment with an understanding of business strategy and change management, to ensure that real returns on investment are achieved, as expected, at all times.

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