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IT Service Management

Bringing IT Services into the Digital Age

The advent of digital business is disrupting the way that organisations work, impacting the demand on and delivery of IT services. The IT Team needs to adapt to this new world without neglecting business as usual. But how does IT set its strategy and structure, and organise its people, processes and technology, to demonstrate value to the business?

Our Solutions

PTS Consulting helps organisations to manage the challenges they have around IT Service Management, by articulating how current changes impact the business, setting a roadmap for change and enabling them to transform and gain maximum value from their IT services. Our solutions span the complete IT service lifecycle from assess, design, create, implement and the governance of IT Service Management within any IT organisation.

ITSM Strategy Development Services

  • Assessment Services - Benchmarking, Maturity Modelling, Review and Risk Analysis
  • Strategy and Roadmap Production Services
  • ITSM Transformation Business Case Modelling


ITSM Design and Creation Services

  • Design SIAM and Target Operating Models4988881861_bimodalit.png
  • Service Portfolios and Catalogues
  • GRC Mapping

ITSM Implementation Services

  • Process and Procedure Implementation
  • Continual Service Improvement Programmes
  • Enterprise Project & Programme Management

ITSM Organisation Change Management Services

  • Stakeholder Management
  • Scenario and Simulation Training
  • Formal ITSM Training, Coaching and Mentoring

Our Differentiators

PTS Consulting are experts in end-to-end ITSM or IT Function Transformation. If you need a partner to help articulate the value of ITSM initiatives to senior business leaders, set the roadmap for change, and help you step by step on the transformation to realise that value, we can help. PTS differentiators include:
  • Business Case Modelling and tracking: PTS can help calculate the tangible benefits and value of an ITSM transformation and work with you to define business-focused KPIs. These will be tracked throughout the transformation and used to demonstrate the business value to all stakeholders                                                                                                     
  • Organisational Change Management: PTS understands that the biggest challenge to any IT transformation is related to people and the need to ensure that staff adopt new working practices, attitudes and behaviours. As well as adopting a collaborative, co-created approach to organisational change management, we employ innovative gamification and crowdsourcing methods in our training and coaching services to empower and upskill staff more quickly and efficiently than previously experienced                                                                                                                                            
  • Agile Digital Business Strategy Development: PTS has an innovative methodology that uses an academically peer-reviewed and approved Digital Strategy framework in order to rapidly develop and agile, digital business strategy in which competitive advantage is is enabled by technology. PTS can help clients to formulate an ITSM framework that optimises IT resources and capabilities to fully support their digital business strategy

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