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Management of Change

Building readiness and delivering Sustainable Change

In recent history, the scale, complexity and pace of organisational change has increased substantially.

Organisations face continual disruption as they try and respond to changes in the competitive environment, regulation, technology and the market sector in which they operate. Competitive advantage is now defined by an organisation's agility and adaptability.

With market-driven change outpacing our ability to execute traditional change initiatives, it is imperative that an organisation delivers change that is effective and sustainable. Without this, the ability to realise the benefits expected from the change are at serious risk.

PTS understands the value of a holistic approach to delivering sustainable change which realises business value. We work as trusted advisors with leaders and employees to understand their need for, and the impact of, change before, during and after implementation.

We empower people to choose to change, remove barriers and enable identified opportunities to be realised. We provide various tools and techniques to help deliver your strategic objectives, the first-time, through a fit-for-purpose approach.

We understand that carefully phased and sequenced strategies and implementation plans have a higher probability of lasting success than a 'frenzied, big-bang' changes. By focusing on behavioural aspects of a change, coupled with dedicated leader-led initiatives that are deliberate and systematic in design and approach, we help organisations to deliver sustainable business value.

  • Organisation Design
  • Change Management & Communications
  • Culture Change
  • Training

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