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Aligning Business and Technology Strategy

Technological change is increasingly reshaping workplace behaviour and directly impacting business value to the point where IT can no longer be a mere supporting function to organisations. In order to realise the objectives of the organisation, IT and business strategies need to be increasingly aligned and converged.

This raises significant challenges for senior business and IT leaders:

  • What does a Business Technology strategy look like within the context of our organisation?
  • How will this transform the way the business and IT operate and interact?
  • How do I capture the business requirements in order to write my technology strategy?
  • How will this inform the way that we approach large scale transformation programmes and projects and realise our business objectives?
  • What are the technology solutions available to my organisation?
  • Do I insource, outsource, host or go to the cloud?
  • How do I track changes to the business strategy over time and benefits realisation?                                                       
Why and How the CIO must Influence Business Strategy We share the vision of the Future of the IT department based on our own research

PTS Consulting has over 30 years' experience in advising Clients on the role of IT within their organisation. Our business technology Consultants combine expertise in Business Transformation and Converging IT Infrastructure to offer strategic guidance that is both innovative and pragmatic.

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