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Preparing the Next Generation


A key element of our people strategy is the PTS Academy, now in its ninth year. Held annually at PTS’s global Headquarters in London towards the end of September, the Academy is the training ground for new leaders recruited from around the globe. The eight-week, intensive programme exposes participants to all aspects of the business through interactive learning, workshops with technical experts, Consultant shadowing, and face-to-face sessions with senior management, in addition to project site visits and trips to other PTS branch offices.

Students are also provided with online training materials for relevant professional qualifications. By the end of each Academy, all participants hold certifications in Project Management methodologies or IT Service Management. Upon completion of the programme, participants begin their careers with a ten to 18-month rotation, which gives further exposure to the numerous roles and career paths within the organisation. PTS is a creative and dynamic company where an atmosphere of trust and success wholly supports graduates as they build their skills and overcome the challenges of professional employment.

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