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Kevin Perrett
Founder, Chief Executive Officer, PTS Consulting Group
Kevin is the Group’s largest shareholder and sits on the Board of Directors for all Group Companies. For over 30 years he has been responsible for the company’s vision, strategy, business ethics and culture


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Rod Stead
Chief Risk Officer, joined PTS Consulting in 1990
Rod acted as financial strategist for PTS Consulting during its Management Buy Out in 1990 and has been employed by the Company ever since. He is a Group shareholder. Former employers include Deloitte and McKinsey



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Steve Kidd
Managing Director, PTS Consulting EMEA,
Steve joined PTS Consulting in 1999 Steve is responsible for all EMEA offices and is based in London. He became a Group shareholder in 2004. Former employers include the world’s leading Money and Securities broker where he held the position of IT Director.


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David Dewhurst
Chief Financial Officer, PTS Consulting Group Ltd
David Dewhurst joined the PTS Board in 2014. David is a commercially minded CFO with vast experience of working with international, entrepreneurial organisations.



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Robin Pinchbeck
Non-Executive Chairman
Robin Pinchbeck joined the PTS Board in 2013 following the investment from The Business Growth Fund (BGF). Rob has extensive international business experience developed during a 40-year career in the oil and gas industry.