PTS Consulting®

Our people

Nurturing our Greatest Asset

PTS’s main asset is its people. Developing, nurturing and retaining talent is fundamental to the success of our business. Dedicated to providing the best solutions for its clients, PTS is proud of its employees and their service commitment. The values of People, Expertise, Trust, Success and Diversity are at the centre of everything we do, including performance management and staff development. 

We understand that accumulating consulting experience is as valuable as it is time-consuming. That is why we have developed a comprehensive competency profiling system that allows individuals to clearly track and plan their career progression. It is a meritocratic system in which advancement is based on individual ability and achievement, not longevity or seniority.

All employees undertake regular reviews in which their demonstration of skills relating to business acumen, professionalism, consulting experience, communication as well as management and leadership, are evaluated and mapped against individual aspirations. This provides a staff profile that assists employees in identifying and setting objectives that are wholly supported by management teams. PTS is committed to helping its people to reach their full potential in terms of both technical understanding and consulting maturity.

PTS employs around 400 people across 14 offices worldwide. Click on the pictures below to find out more about some of the people behind PTS.