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Transforming New Thinking into Value


Technology has been a catalyst for organisational innovation within organisations for centuries. Business technologists have an opportunity to harness innovation and transform their organisations, in order to: 

  • Dramatically improve customer and staff experience
  • Generate operational efficiencies
  • Optimise costs
  • Enhance their brand value

The Challenge Today

It is therefore surprising that the perception of the IT function within the business rarely reflects this potential. Often, rightly or wrongly, it can be seen as reactive, or even as an obstacle to positive change.

If CIOs were able to change these perceptions and demonstrate that, through new thinking around the Digital Business, Cloud, Mobility, Social, Internet of Things, Business Intelligence and Analytics, it is much more than simply a reactive function, they would enter into an era of unprecedented credibility based on their ability to not just deliver value, but to drive strategy.

How PTS Can Help

At PTS, we understand not only the latest technological developments and their implications for IT and the business, but how to help change the relationship between IT and the business to ensure that the organisation as a whole reaps the benefits.

We help clients formulate business technology strategies which align the goals of the business with IT and vice versa, ensuring that IT is not merely a supporting function. Our technology expertise - across IT, Audio Visual and Multimedia, and Physical Security - allows us then to develop innovative solutions for clients, and our Project and Programme Management capability ensures that strategy and the necessary transformation is fully implemented and realised.

Transforming the way the technology is used is insufficient unless the people within the business understand and buy into the change. Our Management of Change services ensure that all stake holders and users are fully engaged and aware of the changes and their impact, and our Resourcing Solutions help Clients to develop talent management and recruitment strategies to maintain a workforce that is equipped to maximise the value of innovation within their organisation.

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