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PTS Consulting has 35 years' experience of delivering world-class IT solutions to some of the world's leading organisations. We help our clients better align their IT, Business and Real Estate strategies by transforming the workplace through technology and by optimising their Data Centre environment.


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To maximise the value that technology delivers, it needs to be aligned with an organisation’s Business and Real Estate objectives. This is where PTS steps in – by combining strategic guidance, impartial advice and practical implementation, we are able to offer a personalised service to organisations looking to transform the way they operate through technology. Our mission is to provide a seamless converged solution covering IT, AV and Physical Security to our clients anywhere in the world. Having executed 12,500 complex projects in 85 countries we are confident that our strategically located offices can mobilise the right people, to the right place at the right time to deliver this service. 


Workplace Technology

Aligning technology with Real Estate and the Business to transform the workplace.


Data Centres

Optimising the engine room of the world's economy.


Managed Services

Follow-the-Sun IT Support, Anytime, Anywhere.


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