Cisco Systems

Corporate Relocation Project

PTS Consulting assists a leading technology company with the consolidation and refurbishment of its Sydney offices. The Client wanted to consolidate and relocate existing staff and business groups located at one site into new, yet to be refurbished office measuring 7,260 metres squared. The Client wanted to provide a world standard solution for the Client's global business partners and customers. The refurbishment project was not limited to the workplace but included the upgrade of the organisation's Data Centre and computing labs. The computing labs provided resources for the Customer Proof of Concept (CPOC), AS (Advanced Services) and Technical Assistance Centre support for both staff and customers. 


Cabling and Network Design

PTS Consulting was engaged to provide a design for a cabling solution to meet the needs of various business groups at the site. The construction programme had to ensure business continuity during the entire construction. At an advanced stage, the project included the design and installation of a Security Operations Centre (SOC). The centre had specific cabling and operational requirements to be included and closely monitored during construction. 

PTS provided a high-level design solution using similar technology and layouts for each floor at the site. The cabling contractor developed an installation strategy that enabled the organisation to maintain business functionality across the site during the construction phase. 

Multiple network backbones were installed to allow staff easy access to resources located in any lab on the site. 



As a supplier of network equipment, Cisco is required to find solutions to client problems. PTS has ensured Cisco can replicate a client network within a lab if necessary and conduct tests to determine the cause and develop a solution. Ensuring that the cabling plant installed within the office has followed both the manufacturer guidelines and installation requirements, provides a level of confidence when investigating solutions or performing troubleshooting. Additionally, the organisation now benefits from an open plan, agile workspace.

The Client's employees have settled seamlessly into the new environment. The cabling solution has provided an improved level of functionality and operation. Staff using laptops can connect to the corporate network from any location on the site. Collaborative spaces provide areas for ad-hoc meetings and document sharing. 

Following the successful outcome of the project, PTS has since been appointed to perform a similar role for similar projects, elsewhere in Australia.