University of Cambridge

Service Portfolio Catalogue

PTS Consulting assited the University of Cambridge with the creation of an IT Service Portfolio and Service Catalogue for its University Information Service (UIS) department which provides computing facilities and related services in support of the University's IT. 


Project Summary

All user communities within the University, (Students, Administrative Staff, Academics, Researchers and IT Computing Officers) were unclear which services were available to them, prompting the University to initiate a pilot project to present an online Service Portfolio and Service Catalogue available to the School of Arts and Humanities. The Client’s eventual aim was to enable all user communities to identify the services to which they could have access. PTS led the design, definition, validation and establishment of the Service Portfolio and Service Catalogue and the management processes required for maintenance purposes.


Analysing and advising on the current state

To design the Service Portfolio and Catalogue, PTS analysed and advised the Client on the content of the existing UIS ‘as is’ list of services for the categories in the Service Portfolio and the services in the Service Catalogue. PTS worked closely with the UIS resources to plan the content and build the online Service Portfolio and Catalogue to present the School of Arts and Humanities with an appropriate view of the services available to them.

Ensuring Ease of Use of the Service Portfolio and Catalogue

The end-user communities were consulted throughout the development to ensure that the terminology used and the high-level service categories chosen, enable any user to find the service they require in a minimum number of ‘clicks’. PTS also developed the policies and processes to help keep the Service Portfolio and Catalogue up-to-date.




Following the success of the pilot project, all user communities at the University of Cambridge will eventually have an easy to access, single source of information about the IT services available to them. UIS is able to focus more closely on the service lifecycle, the new services that need to be introduced and the old services that should be retired. UIS received ITIL expertise during the project which ensured that the development of the Service Portfolio and Catalogue was based on ITIL best practice.