University of St Andrews

Data Network Review

An independent Data Network review completed by PTS enabled the University of St Andrews to deliver a best in class Data Network to support current and future operations. 


Reflecting the Client's Culture

The University of St Andrews was in the process of reviewing its IT services and required support from a vendor-independent consultant to assess the data network and associated services. PTS worked closely with the University, reviewing the efficiency of the current network and its ability to meet future demands securely. PTS provided the Client with a detailed report which included:

  •  Technical observations and findings
  •  A review of support processes & observations
  • Evidence-based summary
  • Recommendations and action plan


The Discovery Phase

The audit was separated logically into two key areas to cover the full scope of the review assigned to PTS. These key areas being:

  • A technical review of the IT network architecture and platforms
  • A support and process review of the IT project, deployment and support services

For each of these areas, PTS examined existing documentation held interviews with key University representatives. Findings and observations were then recorded and analysed to form any recommendations. 

Although logically separated these areas are strongly linked, and findings within one area often reflected findings in the other. As such, the PTS team undertaking the review shared and reviewed all observations at regular internal checkpoints and jointly collaborated on recommendations. 


Stakeholder Engagement  

To supplement the data accumulated during the discovery phase, PTS engaged with the University’s key stakeholders, including the network team, to further understand current operations, structure and operating processes. Throughout a series of meetings with management and faculty representatives at the University, PTS gained an understanding of the current level of service and any opportunities for upgrades.  


Once all the data was gathered, PTS evaluated the findings and identified ways in which the University could develop the network to increase productivity, usability and safeguard against known and unknown future challenges. These actions were detailed in the final report with together with a timeline of recommended activities taking into consideration the University’s future service requirements and best practice within the Higher Education Sector.



As a vendor-independent consultancy, PTS provided the Client with the objective viewpoint it needed when reviewing its current network. Leveraging PTS' technical expertise and extensive experience within the higher education sector, the University of St Andrews was able to quickly understand the current state of operations with regards to its data network and the potential for enhancement