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Zurich Insurance

Corporate Relocation Project

PTS Consulting took on the role of AV and Security consultant to help the Client to meet its objectives of creating a modern, agile work environment and ensure the new premises is as secure as possible.


Collaborative Workspaces

The new workspace features a range of collaborative spaces and meeting rooms to suit a range of different requirements from casual, two to three people meetings to large formal gatherings. Each room can be easily booked via touch screen panels, and each features new AV facilities to enhance communication and facilitate video conferencing. Improved cable management solutions provide the Client with clean and tidy meeting spaces. 


Digital Signage

The installation of digital signage in breakout spaces and the open plan office areas has enabled the Client to improve its internal communications significantly. The system allows messages to be conveyed to a broad audience more efficiently and effectively as internal messages were previously written on whiteboards, and updated on a weekly basis. The digital signage system integrates with the Client’s new visitor management system which was significantly improved as a result. Employees are now automatically notified of any visiting insurance broker’s arrival once the visitor had passed through the access control gates using a designated card.



To keep the premises secure, the Client opted for a one-card solution which grants access to the office lifts, printing and scanning services. PTS assisted with the design of the system which integrates with various technologies to offer a secure, yet agile solution. To further enhance the security of the new office, the Client requested its own control room which links to the panic alarms in the reception area, monitored CCTV and connected with the building’s main security hub to ensure out of hours coverage. 



With an AV and Security consultant on board the project, the Client benefited from an experienced specialist technical expertise. PTS was able to ensure that the AV systems were implemented without impacting other systems. Understanding the challenges such a project entailed, ultimately allowed the project to be completed on time and to budget, despite the tight time-frames.