Site Selection & Procurement 

PTS Consulting Service Overview


As significant investments, IT leaders need to ensure that they are making the right decisions when selecting a Data Centre facility. Organisations must therefore consider: 

  • Is the infrastructure of the facility reliable and designed to project against your desired limit for business outages?
  • Are the procedures and protocols at the facility robust, do they meet your expectations?
  • What are the service level agreements to tenants?
  • Have you undertaken an independent review of the operating expenses and contracts such as electric, water and telecommunication carriers?

Invest with Confidence

We assist our clients with the procurement and site selection of new Data Centre facilities using our own standardised tools, including PTS STARS to evaluate facilities and operating components as well as the underlying infrastructure against your requirements. We provide an independent viewpoint to oversee the tender process and advise on the best options for your organisation. Supported by our in-depth due diligence performance checks, we ensure that your money will be well spent. 


Our Expertise


Whether you require an independent viewpoint to assess or procure a facility, or require assistance migrating to a new Data Centre of the Cloud, our holistic Data Centre solutions cover the full range of the Data Centre lifecycle, providing a one-stop shop for Data Centre services. 


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