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Practical Advice

Undoubtedly, you've heard a lot about the impact of GDPR to your business, but where is the practical advice? PTS Managed Services can help identify your organisation's vulnerabilities before the 25th May 2018.

Join our discussion on how patching automation fits into an organisation's GDPR readiness plans by protecting against malware. Register for our next webinar on Thursday 1st March at 11am below:

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Malware on your system


Malware is on the rise and poses its biggest threat ever. With variants being created every day, it can be difficult for a company to keep up with patching. Our continued 'Scan & Detect, Remove & Protect' service, combined with our complete patching service deals with this threat.


What is your budget for application patching?


The Scan & Detect, Remove & Protect service patches applications within 4 hours of the update being released. The patch is done silently, in the background, with no need for user intervention – anywhere in the world.


Key questions


  • Do you find it difficult to keep up with your patching?
  • Could there be malware on your system?
  • Have you considered this as part of your GDPR readiness plans?

If any of the answers are yes, you need to secure your processes now. PTS can help. Join our webinar series to find out more. 



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