Your Independent Technology Partner on Building Projects

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Is your Estates team planning a significant new build or refurbishment on campus?

How are you planning to ensure that your IT and AV teams are sufficiently involved in the process?

Are you concerned about internal capacity to manage the technology workstreams of such projects whilst staying on top of Business As Usual activity?

PTS can help...


Interface between IT, Estates and the University 

PTS is an independent Consulting and Project Management firm providing IT, AV and Infrastructure services at all stages of construction-led projects. 

We provide strategic guidance, design and project management services, representing the IT Services team at the project level. We ensure that the Design team communicates and collaborates with your internal teams, so they remain consulted and engaged throughout the project lifecycle. 



People, Space & Technology


One of our key aims is to deliver a first class technology, learning and teaching experience , whilst preserving the integrity of the building's architectural designs. We do this by truly understanding the interplay between people, space and technology. 

Technological advances have contributed to a change in perspective. Read our Innovation on Campus brochure, where we outline 7 practical ideas to help deliver innovation and value to the university through technology on campus.


Capturing your IT vision at the earliest stages

Involvement at the earliest stages allows us to have the appropriate dialogue with Architects, Cost Consultants and the wider team to ensure that your vision for IT is captured and implemented. 

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The Campus Technology Landscape


We have subject matter experts that are able to offer advice and guidance on how to incorporate all of the technologies illustrated into a variety of unique campus spaces and buildings. Each technology presents its own challenges when incorporated into the architectural design, 


Our experience


Why work with PTS on education construction programmes?

  • 1,000 + construction-led programmes in 35 years, from 10,000 sq. ft. to 1 million sq. ft. 
  • Extensive heritage in the education sector across the PTS Group; we have worked with 108 universities in the UK and 150 Schools, Colleges, UTCs and Academies 
  • Strength in depth and breadth: no consultancy firm can rival the number of FTE Consultants (80 in the UK alone) across the full breadth of technology disciplines: AV, Acoustics, Unified Communications, Networks, Physical Infrastructure, Security and Data Centres
  • 85% of our clients re-engage PTS based on a recognition that we Listen, Consult,  Add Value and Mitigate Risk; we customize fit-for purpose solutions rather than recommend technology for technology's sake
  • Trusted Partner Reputation - independent, vendor-agnostic advice without conflicts of interest

Contact us for more information...

If you have any queries about our services and would like to find out more about how we can help IT teams on Estates-led projects, please get in touch with the team.