Association of Certified Chartered Accountants


Creating a modern, efficient workspace for a new generation of accountants

Aware of changing demographics in the working environment, the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA) realised the need to create a new, modern and efficient workspace.  PTS Consulting provided the Client with IT and AV consultancy as well as Content Management services to assist with the creation of the attractive, future-proof space that the client had envisioned.

Meeting Rooms: 

Leveraging expertise within its Built Environment and Workplace Innovation Practices, PTS advised the Client on the latest workplace trends and ways of working before designing a solution tailored to fit the Client’s requirement and budget. PTS implemented Skype for Business throughout the new environment and designed meeting rooms with the tool in mind to provide the Client with an easy to use communication system. As divisible spaces, the Council Chambers were some of the more challenging spaces to fit out from an AV perspective and required effective coordination with various other project teams to ensure that the AV solutions and furniture were suitable for both small and large flexible spaces

Digital Signage:

Digital Signage played a significant role in enhancing the workplace and creating the attractive and efficient space the Client required. The new environment features fifteen screens installed across a range of spaces throughout the office environment and reception area. 

The reception featured an impressive video wall made from six adjoining screens on the front with one large screen on the back. The video wall forms the centrepiece of the reception area and the eye-catching feature enables the Client to increase brand awareness by displaying images and videos targeted at an external audience as visitors enter the workplace and sit behind the screen in the visitor's lounge area.

The Open Office Environment: 

The screens located in other spaces, including those in the open plan office, printing areas, break-out spaces and kitchens efficiently communicate the Client's internal messaging, helping to create a sense of community among employees. These screens display the latest company news, events and messaging around best practice. The national news, scheduled to come on every fifteen minutes in the open plan office, allows employees to keep track of world events. 

Content Management:

PTS provided the Client with additional support by managing content for the new screens, enabling the Client to use the new systems with ease. By creating templates suitable for different screen sizes, PTS worked with the Client to create new content going forward and schedule content for various spaces. PTS has also been providing the Client with on-going support and training to ensure the Client can continue to improve its communications to both an internal and external audience through Digital Signage. 


The relocation provided the Client with the opportunity to consolidate its London workforce and address how the workspace can drive efficiency. The Client recognised the need to create a working environment that is attractive to the younger generation starting to enter its workforce. PTS' AV solutions significantly enhanced the environment, helping to create a modern, impressive and attractive workplace that will not only improve the employee's experience in the workplace but will provide visitors and members with an innovative, enjoyable place to work. 

The Client recognised the need to create a working environment that is attractive to the younger generation starting to enter its workforce.