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PTS assists with an in-depth review of the AXA Tech's service desks across India, Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia

The Client was looking to improve its internal IT service desk function and processes requiring an in-depth review of the service desks across each of its four locations which included Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and India. PTS was engaged to conduct a current state assessment of the IT support services and key processes and provide a best practice recommendation and roadmap to achieve the future state. 

IT Service Management Assessment

PTS conducted a review consisting of a gap analysis and IT Service Management assessment. The review gave insight into the maturity of each of the client's service desks, highlighting opportunities for improvement. 


PTS presented the Client with several options, which ranged from consolidating support services into a single service desk to outsourcing the entire service. PTS ensured each option recommended to the Client would help the Client reach its overall vision of improving end-user satisfaction. PTS suggested the Client should standardise and stabilise the service in each location to raise and level process maturity across the region by taking advantage of internal service management expertise. The proposed solution minimised the Client's exposure to operational risk related to required process and technology changes and enabled the Client to build and enhance organisational capabilities to manage and direct the shape, direction and velocity of change for the service desks. 

Strategic Roadmap

A Strategic Roadmap for the Client's service desk transformation programme was then developed by PTS, detailing the steps that the Client would need to take to implement the chosen option and achieve the end-goal of a high-performing, IT Service desks that are aligned to business priorities while working to best practice standards.  


The review of the Client's service desk provided the Client deeper insight into the current modus operandi. The comprehensive assessment undertaken by PTS has enabled the Client to transform its IT service offerings while minimising the risks involved, meaning that the organisation will soon benefit from an IT Service operating at optimum levels, increasing the confidence invested into the Service Desk. The detailed outline of options provided by PTS ensured that the Client was fully aware of the benefits and risks of each option, helping to accelerate decision-making. 

PTS was successful in meeting the objectives of the assessment. In-depth knowledge of processes and IT Service Management standards is one of PTS' key strengths, and the report helped AXA Tech identify key areas for improvement. 

The organisation will soon benefit from an IT Service operating at optimum levels, increasing the confidence invested into the Service Desk.