Hewlett Packard Enterprises

Hewlett Packard Enterprises

With the Assistance of PTS, Global Technology Provider Hewlett Packard Enterprises creates an outstanding new workspace and customer experience centre

The Customer Experience Centre

As a customer-facing space, the CEC needs to attract prospective customers to strategic briefings and product demonstrations. The demonstration lounge features three large, fully interactive touch screen devices. The multi-touch overlays allow users to manipulate, present and control content. PTS incorporated lighting systems within the server gallery that integrate with the presentation controls so presenters can quickly highlight certain areas in the gallery to better engage their audience.

The Video Wall

The CEC features two high-resolution LED video walls. The 8-metre video wall is the first of its kind in Europe. The screen needed to fit precisely within the stonework in a way that did not compromise the aesthetic of the environment, yet needed to provide an output for heat generated from the display. LED video walls typically require access to the back of the screens for maintenance purposes. However, this was not possible in the Client's environment. PTS implemented a front accessible, 1.6mm dot pixel screen, made from 80 LED tiles. The screen, suspended from the ceiling of the ground floor, weighed 1.2 tonnes.

PTS acted as the technical liaison to ensure that the video walls and other digital signage in the new environment were impressive as possible; all content for the screens is optimised specifically for each screen and its pixel number, to mitigate the need for image processing. 

Meeting Rooms

PTS designed the AV and Multimedia systems for various spaces including seminar rooms, focus areas, executive spaces and video conferencing facilities to support meetings and enhance communication. PTS also designed a bespoke interface based on the room booking system planned by the Client that accompanies each space including the CEC and Executive Floor.

The new working environment features several meeting rooms, varying in size to support different forms of working, from large, formal spaces and divisible rooms, to smaller spaces, suitable for two or three people meetings. State-of-the-art AV facilities support each room. With very few technical support staff in-house, the rooms can be controlled and monitored remotely. The system works in conjunction with a network of IP spotter cameras to supervise rooms and intervene with rooms remotely to support users and solve any problems. PTS has also integrated the meeting room controls with the Building Management System, allowing the Client to conserve energy when the rooms are not in use.


Support from PTS enabled the Client to create the impressive and substantial space it envisioned within a very tight and challenging time-frame. The AV solutions, designed by PTS, play a significant role in enhancing the Client’s workplace and CEC and allow the Client to promote its brand and status as a leading technology provider.

PTS, play a significant role in enhancing the Client’s workplace and CEC and allow the Client to promote its brand and status as a leading technology provider.