Keeping Sheltair flying during Hurricane Irma

The PTS Managed Services team successfully executed a disaster recovery scenario so that Sheltair could remain operational as Hurricane Irma made landfall. The airline had a crucial role to play in sending aid to the affected area, therefore ensuring business continuity was critical to helping the region in the aftermath of the Category 5 storm.

The Digital Transformation Program

In order to meet ever increasing market demands, Sheltair implemented a digital transformation strategy to lift the organization to new levels of competitive capability, leveraging new technologies together with organizational, operational and business model innovation to generate new revenue streams around aviation. Understanding the significance of such an initiative, Sheltair engaged PTS Managed Services, part of the PTS Consulting Group to assist. 

Sheltair and PTS designed a digital transformation roadmap with a series of technical initiatives to create a cost-effective, robust, resilient, and secure network that supports the continued growth of the company. Two key initiatives involved geographically diversifying the company’s Data Centers and leveraging PTS' Private Cloud to manage Sheltair’s business-critical applications and platforms that support flight operations.

PTS built its Global Managed Services practice precisely for times like this and the Sheltair Disaster Recovery sprint was a well-coordinated and resourced PTS global effort.

Hurricane Irma

As Hurricane Irma’s track became known, and its likelihood to make landfall in Florida became definite, Sheltair assessed the potential damage and overall risk to flight operations across all the FBO’s in the Southeast. It was also essential for Sheltair to maintain flight operations at JFK International Airport (JFK) to support the foreign dignitaries arriving for the United Nations General Assembly. 

In the days leading up to the storm, Sheltair Management executed its business continuity plan by transitioning technical operations to their backup Data Centre located in New Jersey. By utilizing PTS' Private Cloud, Sheltair could maintain uninterrupted flight operations even if the South Florida Data Centre was taken offline by Hurricane Irma. 

Working extensively with Sheltair's management and employees on the transition, the PTS Managed Services Team completed a successful cut-over of technical services and ensured user access for Sheltair's point of sale and flight operations platforms 24 hours before Hurricane Irma made landfall. Sheltair maintained flight operations throughout the storm. After the storm passed, Sheltair supported U.S. Government, AERObridge, and Crossroads Alliance relief efforts in Florida by leveraging the company's FBOs and properties across the State. 

Americas Head of Managed Services, Patrick Mullevey concluded: “Companies like Sheltair that have the foresight to implement business continuity solutions and adopt technology in innovative ways can be confident that they have support services to safeguard their critical data during a catastrophic event like Hurricane Irma. 

PTS built its Global Managed Services practice precisely for times like this, and the execution of Sheltair's Business Continuity plan was a well-coordinated and resourced PTS global effort. The Global MS Team consists of 60 people worldwide and the leadership, expertise, resolve and passion each member has to support our clients when they need it most, enabled PTS to make this critical initiative a success. 

It was critical to our business that Sheltair’s applications and platforms have the redundancy and resiliency should a business continuity scenario needed to be executed, such as during a natural disaster