5 Smart Building Myths. How can a Smarter Approach help?


PTS’ people-centric, “Design Thinking” approach to Smart Buildings redefines the true nature of building intelligence and challenges the conventional approach.

More often than not, automation is considered to be the core of an intelligent environment. This common belief has given rise to the following 5 myths:

MYTH 1: BMS is the foundation of a smart building

MYTH 2: Connected means interconnected

MYTH 3: Sensors automatically achieve efficiency

MYTH 4: Digitising equals readiness for all things Cloud

MYTH 5: AI Provides relevant analysis automatically

Although these five components all form part of the technology ecosystem that helps to create a smart building, implementing one or all of these as an ‘off the shelf’ solution does not make your environment intrinsically smart.

So what does a smart building mean to PTS? Read our brochure to find out more. 

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…innovation comes as a response. It’s not until we step back and understand the wider requirements and current pain points that we start to make the neccessary connections and understand where improvements can be made.
— Gareth Johns | CTO

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