Control Rooms: Critical Alert



The supply of AV into command and control rooms requires the upmost care and attention. Paul Milligan examines the specific requirements of the clients and how technology is slowly changing in this sector.

There are few projects in the AV world where the pressure for everything to work (and stay working) is as keenly felt as it is in the design and installation of a control room. Technology ensures the client has a constant set of eyes on a particular situation, whether it is the traffic or rail for an entire city, or the power supply for a whole region. Those eyes cannot go ‘dark’ for any period of time, as lives could be at risk.  

PTS’s Dan Watson (Senior AV Consultant) offers his expertise for inAVate’s Knowledge piece.

Control Rooms demand 100% reliability, regardless of cost. Other sectors are cost restricted, here the client often has no issue finding additional funds if required, especially when compared against cost of failure.
— Dan Watson | Senior AV Consultant

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