Corenet Global names PTS's Mike Robertson as Vice Chair


The Corenet Global UK Chapter recently held a vote to decide on their new Vice Chair. We are pleased to announce that Corenet elected Business Relationship Manager, Mike Robertson for this very prestigious and influential role. 

The Corenet UK Chapter has 110 active Young Leader members made up of young talent from each of the Economic Developer, End-User and Service Provider background. The UK Chapter’s mission is to grow and develop its occupier community through continuous learning and sharing to become the go-to body for Corporate Real Estate Knowledge. It connects people from different areas of Corporate Real Estate providing a forum for networking, learning, engaging and personal development. 

We caught up with Mike, who has been involved with Cornet since he started here at PTS in 2016 to find out more about the role, his ambitions as vice chair and what it means for PTS.

Q: Give us an introduction to the Young Leaders programme

A: The Young Leaders is a chapter of Cornet. It's spread across the globe, but we're part of the UK Chapter. It's designed to engage with people aged 35 and under who work in the Corporate Real Estate environment and provides them with a platform where they can network with their peers and also learn from the senior real estate guys who they might not have contact with through their own organisation. 

Q: How did you come into this role?

A: Within a few months of joining the Young Leaders I saw there was an opportunity to join the committee. I really liked what the Young Leaders were doing so I thought I'd put myself forward as I felt the message they were putting up was really good - I wanted to pursue that. So after a year or so of being part of the Young Leaders committee, helping organise on Big Day, the position opened up for Vice Chairman of the Young Leaders. That went to a vote and I got the Vice Chairmanship.

Q: What are your ambitions going forward?

A: I'd like to get the young leaders communicating better  with the other communities within Corenet. So Corenet has a number of communities that look at workplace strategic portfolio management, strategic facilities management, manufacturing and industry. At the moment, they're quite siloed. I'm trying to get the Young Leaders to connect with them a bit more and also find a channel for Young Leaders to work through depending on what discipline they want to go into. 

Q: What does this mean for PTS?

A: Initially, it's a good point of reference and recognition for PTS. The Young Leaders has a lot of senior and major corporate real estate companies as well as the architects, the project managers, the property surveyors right the way though to manufacturers and, it’s a global organisation, I'm hoping that by putting ourselves into a stronger position, we get better recognition as a brand. It also means that we're going to be introduced more and more into this wider network of Corporate Real Estate which sits outside the construction industry more into portfolio planning for large clients, so hopefully it will add a different sort of dynamic to PTS's approach to market.


I really liked what the Young Leaders were doing so I thought I’d put myself forward as I felt the message they were putting up was really good - I wanted to pursue that
— Mike Robertson | Business Development Manager

More News

The Young Leader group has increased both its overall size and number to end-user members by 20% - a small snapshot of some of the organisations represented include; HSBC, Unilever, Shell, State Street, Prudential, Willis, PWC, Johnson + Johnson, Standard Charted, RBS, Cushman + Wakefield, Colliers, JLL, CBRE, Herman Miller to name a few.