Technology Innovation on Campus


Universities are continuously exploring ways to improve their students’ experience and satisfaction. With changes to tuition fees, an increased focus on teaching and research quality, and the wide availability and scrutiny of league tables, it is important that Universities continue to invest year on year.

We believe that technology has a key role to play in this transformation, directly impacting student recruitment and retention. In our perspective, we make sense of technology’s role to share with you some ideas from Student Experience Mapping to Wi-Fi reviews that are both innovative and practical. If implemented these changes could significantly improve metrics measuring satisfaction.

Read our perspective on Technology Innovation on Campus, where we further outline the 7 practical ideas to help deliver innovation and showcase the benefits to Universities.

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Digital transformation is often described as the blurring of the physical with the digital. PTS’s core expertise lies in the interplay between technology and the physical campus, and identifying how this relationship can deliver a better student experience. The ideas explored in this paper are therefore rooted in this space

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