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Which Government Frameworks can you find us on?


Government Frameworks & Accreditations


Our consulting services can be found on a number of Government frameworks. These frameworks currently include:

G-Cloud 9

G-Cloud is a digital marketplace offering cloud services approved by HM Government. It is available to the Public Sector including Central Government, the wider Public Sector and not-for-profit organisations. We provide the following services through G-Cloud:

  • Procurement and Procurement Management Services
  • Service Management
  • Adoption of Cloud Technologies in the workplace/ learning environment
  • Programme and Project Management (PPM) Services
  • Cloud Brokerage Services
  • Service Integration and Management (SIAM)
  • Technology Strategy Services
  • Cloud Migration Strategy Services
  • Cloud and IT Maturity Assessment Services
  • Programme Management Services
  • Cloud and IT Sourcing Strategy
  • IT Service Continuity Management
  • Cloud Readiness Assessment Services
  • ITSM in the Cloud Environment
  • Project Management Services
  • Cloud Strategy Services
  • Cloud Outsourcing Services
  • Cloud Review and Reassessment Services
  • Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Programme Assurance and Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Programme Management Office (PgMO)

For more information, please contact us or visit the Government's Digital Marketplace.


Lot 6: IT 13.6.1 This Lot is for Customers seeking a broad range of consultancy in relation to IT 13.6.2 This Lot is divided into two Sub-Lots. Service Providers included within the Sub-Lots below will be required (but not limited to) to provide advice and support in the following areas:

Lot 6a: Operational IT Services

  • Cloud Solutions
  • Server Solutions
  • Software assurance
  • Systems development and analysis
  • Telecommunications
  • Wireless Solutions

Lot 6b: Strategic IT Services

  • Cost analysis and projection
  • Data Protection and Cyber Security
  • Digital Strategy Development
  • Disaster Recovery
  • IT Project and Programme Management
  • Process Mapping and Optimisation
  • Risk assessment and risk management (specific to IT)


PTS Consulting and Partnership Education are accredited NEPROsuppliers and as such, any member or associate member of the North East Procurement Organisation has the option to request a quotation or call off our services via NEPRO against the following categories:

  • Information, Communication Technology ICT Infrastructure
  • Education & Learning (PEL) Technology

For more information, please contact us or visit the NEPRO website.

Scottish Government's Multi-Supplier Network Enablement Services

PTS has been awarded a place on the Scottish Government's multi-supplier Network Enablement Services Framework. We are one of eight suppliers on the framework.

The scope of the framework agreement is for the provision of network enablement services, including, but not limited to:

  • Network audit and analysis of network services
  • Suggested designs and network solutions
  • Network Upgrades i.e Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Migration of existing network services
  • Implementation of new network services
  • Project Management
  • Support in procurement of network services

For more information, please contact us or visit the Scottish Government Website.

North Eastern Universities Purchasing Consortium (NEUPC)

PTS are an approved supplier on the Networking Supply and Services Framework, Lot 4: Network Consultancy only.

For more information, please contact us or visit the NEUPC website.

IT Skills Framework for New World Programme

PTS was appointed to this framework in April 2014 for all three lots:

  • IT Architecture and Design
  • IT Project Management
  • Business Analysis

This framework is exclusive to Durham University only.

Bramble Hub Partnership

Consultancy ONE Framework (RM1502):

  • Lot 2.1 Policy Development and Advice
  • Lot 3.1: Change Management & PPM
  • Lot 3.4: Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Technology Services (RM1058):

  • Lot 1: Help/Service Desk
  • Lot 2: Desktop Support
  • Lot 3: Network Management
  • Lot 4: Network & Content Security
  • Lot 5: Infrastructure & Platform, Maintenance and Support
  • Lot 6: Audit Services & Asset Management
  • Lot 7: IT Infrastructure Transition Service and Delivery
  • Lot 8: Service Integration/ Service Integrator
  • Lot 9: Disaster Recovery/ Business Continuity
  • Lot 10: Back Up and Data Services
  • Lot 11: Asset Disposal

The Digital Outcomes and Specialists Framework (RM1043iii):

  • Lot 1: Digital Outcomes (e.g. a booking system or an accessibility audit_
  • Lot 2: Digital Specialists (e.g. a product manager or a developer)
  • Lot 3: User Research Studios (e.g. facilities)
  • Lot 4: User Research Participants (e.g. types of participants to test the service)

ICT Service for Education (RM1050):

For more information, please contact us or visit the following websites:


Technology Services

ICT Service for Education

Crown Commercial Service: Digital Outcomes and Specialists

NSW Government ICT Services Scheme (SCM0020)

We are currently prequalified for the following capabilities:

A Architecture and Design

  • A03: Solution Architecture

C Data Centre

  • C01: Data Centre Services
  • C06PTa. Migration Services and Cloud Readiness

E Strategy

  • E02: Procurement Management

H Risk Management

  • H02 Busines Continuity Planning

I ICT Programs

  • I01 Program Office Standards
  • I02 Projtect, Program & Portfolio Management

M Systems & Solutions

  • M01 Business Analysis

Cyber Essentials Plus

PTS Consulting has also obtained the Cyber Essentials + Accreditation so our clients can rest assured knowing that we take cyber security seriously. You can find us on the National Cyber Security Centre’s list of accredited organisations. The accreditation demonstrates that are protected against a wide variety of cyber attacks and our processes have been verified by an independent Certification Body.