Smart Campus Strategy


The ingredients of a Smart Campus are already available....The challenge is following the right recipe.

It has had many names and come in many forms. Intelligent Buildings. Digital Transformation. We use the term Smart Campus. Its benefits – considerable and tantalising – are also beginning to be understood by universities. It has tempted many within the marketplace to believe and promote the idea that making it a reality will be straightforward. It won’t be.

Many factors – myriad stakeholder interests, fragmentation of the smart marketplace, the prioritisation of ‘Smart PR’ over feasible solutions – contribute to this complexity. But they are surmountable.

PTS believes that by fully appreciating the nature of these challenges, and taking a measured, informed and independent approach, universities will be able to reap the benefits long-promised by the marketing.

This Smart Campus Strategy brochure aims to show Higher Education Institutions how to do this by following a clearly defined approach, in order to turn the ‘visionary’ into a reality.


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